95% Petroleum Oil

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Petroleum oil  is an efficient Insecticide, Miticide, Fungicide developed and produced by CoBio. Adopted world advanced pre-emulsification and re-emulsification technology, selecting food-grade refined paraffin oil and food-grade emulsifier, it is made into O/W/O amphiphilic emulsifiable concentrate with powerful emulsifying power, penetrating power, adhesive power and cleansing power through double emulsification which includes pre-emulsification and re-emulsification. It is the ideal choice for effective insect, mite and disease control for a broad range of greenhouse, nursery and vegetable crops. It is the ideal choice for double eradicating scale insects, aphids, red spider mite and phyllocoptruta oleivora with better effect and long lasting period.
Active ingredient : 95%  Petroleum oil
Advantages of Pre-Emulsification:
Mixing: Petroleum oil dilutes with water easier and more thoroughly than other horticultural spray oils. Hard water is not a problem for Petroleum oil.
Stability: Even after dilution, Petroleum oil won’t separate for many hours in a spray tank. The stable emulsion of Petroleum oil is long lasting, ensuring that the spray application is consistent from the beginning of an application to the end.
Efficacy: Penetration power is greatly raised by using double emulsification technology which greatly improves its effectiveness.
Safety: Because it is manufactured using the finest oils and emulsifiers, Petroleum oil does not risk your crop by using heavy oils known for their phytotoxic risk.
Synergy: It can be mixed with most insecticide and bactericide especially with abamectin, imidacloprid etc. with better control efficiency.
Rain-wash Resistance: No need to respray if washed by rain within 4hours after spraying.
OMRI Listed product: Use food-grade paroline as raw materials which are non-toxic with no residue.
Miticide with especially good effect on controlling red spider mite, gall mite, rust mite etc.
Insecticide with obvious effect on controlling diaspidiotus perniciosus Comstock, mealybug, leafhopper, thrips, plant louse, aleyrodid, aphid, leaf miner, capsid bug etc.
Disinfect active suppressing or eliminating powdery mildew, Capnodium mangiferae P. Henn etc.
Fruit brightening obliterating fruit surface moss, blackblight and increasing fruit brightness to increase economic value.
Application method and dosage
Number of Times
Use concentration
Garden cleaning after fruit picking
Forming stage
Young fruit period
Fruit expansion to veraison
Function mechanism:
Smothering action  Petroleum oil is highly effective at smothering and killing eggs, larva, adults of scale insects, whitefly and red spider mites.
Iris action forming oil slick on plant surface to block germs invasion and prevent disease infection and spreading.
Osmosis oil elements can penetrate pests’ body and inside the pathogenic bacteria to kill the pests and prevent diseases.
Sticking and fixing action the control effect can be prolonged as the pests cannot crawl, mate, lay eggs or eat.
As you make up it, so you use it with fully mixing.
Please firstly make up other pesticide when mixing with other pesticides, then adds the mineral oil with fully and averagely mixed.  
Do not use the product during flowering phase or temperature higher than 33℃.
Sizes:    1L*20/Carton
              4L*4/ Carton